News Once for Cuba Now for West Afrika

November 28th, 2018

Once for Cuba Now for West Afrika

TWR-Bonaire ships 100 kW Transmitter Parts to West Africa

Equipment once used for broadcasting radio programs into Cuba, is on its way to West Africa. A new 200-kW transmitter will be built to reach Nigeria and other countries in the region.

For more than a year, TWR-partners (including TWR Bonaire) have been praying that a second frequency would be licensed for the West Africa transmitter station. The present Medium Wave transmitter in West Africa has a full airtime schedule, with no possibility to add new languages. New programs are necessary to strengthen the church in countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ghana. 

This September, we rejoiced when we heard the news that the West African Transmitter station received the license for a second 200 kW transmitter. Soon after that, we on Bonaire were contacted and asked if the equipment that we used for our old 100 kW transmitter could be used in Africa.

Antenna Tuning Units and Dummy Load
Tom King, president of Kintroncis Labs and supplier of the antenna system components, is familiar with both the TWR Bonaire and the West Africa Transmitter Stations.  Tom worked closely with the technical staff on Bonaire during the Power up project and designed much of the transmission equipment for the new 450 kW transmitter. In West Africa, Tom designing the antenna system and knew which parts on Bonaire could be re-used for the West Africa project including antenna tuning units and the dummy load*.  So, he made a list of parts that are still on Bonaire and needed to be shipped to West Africa.

4cm to Spare at the Container Door
Over the last few weeks, the TWR Bonaire staff have been packing the used equipment once used to broadcast to Latin America. The biggest challenge was finding sufficient packing material to protect the vacuum capacitors, phasing system and ATU cabinets for shipping.  Jonas Fischer, technical director TWR-Bonaire says, ‘We built crates and boxes to fit all the equipment, and then loaded it all in a 20’ container. In the end, we had a 4cm spare at the door! Amazing how God has everything under control!

Please pray for: 
-          Safe transportation and that all the needed equipment will arrive in West Africa in time.
-          Pray for the installation and assembly of the Antenna Array.
-          Production of new programs to be broadcast on this new frequency.
-          Praise that we were able to re-purpose expensive equipment like the dummy load.
-          The staff at the West Africa Transmitter Station. That they will have strength and wisdom, and that all may go well.

* A dummy load is used to test and adjust the new transmitter without sending actual radio waves into the air.

About TWR’s West African Transmitter Station
Reaching across barriers of darkness, fear, and hopelessness, TWR is engaging the people of this region with breakthrough radio programs from our West Africa Transmitting Station to a potential audience of more than 200 million. Relevant, culturally sensitive programs bring hope to the seeker, encouragement to the new believer and training for the seasoned Christian.

Oral learners, mothers, and pastors are among the many people being reached through radio programs such as Women of Hope, Salvation and Evangelism and Light and Life. People groups that have had little access to the gospel are hearing refreshing words for their soul in their own languages. The Kanuri, Yoruba, Fulfulde, Lukpa, Hausa and other people groups are listening. The first broadcast from TWR west Africa aired in January 2008. In September TWR approved the 2nd Transmitter installation in West Africa.