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  1. Thursday, July 30
    Here’s a quick look at what you’ll hear if you tune in to Trans World Radio, at 800KHz AM tonight. The Glory Train comes you way at 7pm, with music and a short devotional about Psalm 90:12 on the Caribbean Word for Today. Andy Napier interviews Tim McElhaney about
  2. Volunteers from Ohio
    Tim and Glenda McElhaney recently joined us for two weeks on Bonaire with a great group of volunteers from the USA.  They helped with the ongoing transmitter upgrade project.  Here are the volunteers, along with some of our TWR Bonaire
  3. Ivan Statia Annniversary
    Ivan Statia celebrated 40 years with Trans World Radio Bonaire on Tuesday, July 7.  So we had a party in the transmitter hall, with gifts, speeches, galiña and kabritu. Mashá Pabien Ivan and Azalea!
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