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  1. I want my grandsons to catch that Vision
    When Ralph VanderWerf heard TWR Bonaire needed help with the installment of electrical equipment, he found this a great opportunity to bring his grandsons along and share his passion for bringing the Gospel to Cuba with them! The whole family is involved in electrical work. We
  2. Technology Is Just A Means To An End
    ‘I see the towers of TWR Bonaire as a monument to the Glory of God. It represents all the lives that are being touched by it every day,’ says Floyd Turner, President of Thy Word Network in Evansville. Floyd and Susan Turner took two weeks off from their jobs to help
  3. Unloading containers with Phasor
    Unloading containers with the Phasor  Ships are still on their way; others arrived at Bonaire carrying containers full of equipment for the Power Up project Bonaire. Today, we reached another milestone: we unloaded the containers with the phasor equipment! We praise God
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