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  1. Power in RTM office Venezuela will be restored soon!
    After working in an office for nine months without electricity, the RTM Venezuela team can almost say that the Power is back on. Back in March 2018 a utility worker, dropped a wrench onto a large transformer that supplies electrical power to the office complex where RTM-Venezuel
  2. Once for Cuba Now for West Afrika
    TWR-Bonaire ships 100 kW Transmitter Parts to West Africa Equipment once used for broadcasting radio programs into Cuba, is on its way to West Africa. A new 200-kW transmitter will be built to reach Nigeria and other countries in the region. For more than a year, TWR-partners (
  3. Alimento Para el Alma –60.000 devotionals for Latin America
    Food for the Soul – 60,000 devotionals for Latin America For 17 years in a row, Radio Trans Mundial (Trans World Radio in Spanish) has published the devotional Alimento para el Alma (Food for the Soul). All 365 daily devotional readings in the book are written by pastors
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