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  1. Excellent progress Power Up Bonaire
    Transformer building reaches highest pointWe’ve had very good progress on the transformer building. A construction team of three to four people are constantly working and the weather has been good, no more rain. The second floor is finished and the ring beam for the
  2. Shine with us on 800 AM
    Starting tomorrow, TWR 800 AM will interrupt her normal programming and start a special event with the name “SHINE”.  Well-known RTM producers like Esteban Larrosa, Annabel Muscarella, Jim Munger and Andy Naper (footsteps) will present programs and invite
  3. I give my listeners the opportunity to minister
    This week, four Radio-executives representing nine radio stations located in Idaho, Oregon, and Colorado are visiting TWR Bonaire.” They came to learn about the programs TWR Bonaire airs into Cuba, and about the 100kW to 450kW power upgrade project. The group listened,
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