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  1. TWR Opens Gate for Tour Guides at EEG-Boulevard
    The four antenna towers at the salt mines and the mural on the TWR studio at the Hato roundabout are well-known landmarks of Bonaire. Recently, both sites have been restored. The new painting of the coral reef is spectacular. Although not so obvious, the four towers at the
  2. Devotionals Reach Cubans with no Obstacles
    ‘You cannot send containers of food to Cuba because of government rules, but we can send God’s Word'. During the Celebration and dedication of the new 450 kW transmitter on Bonaire, we spoke with two of the guests, Phil James, Director of Global Development of The
  3. Lemuel's Voice on the Radio Captured the Hearts of many Cubans
    Somewhere in the Uruguayan countryside during the 1940s, American missionary Lemuel Jaime preached the gospel in a large tent. At first, local boys threw stones at the tent, but as Jaime calmly invited them to attend youth nights, they eventually came. One accepted Christ and
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