What's New

  1. Thursday, February 11
    We hope you can join us for our English language service, at 7pm Atlantic Standard time, at 800 KHz on your AM radio dial. Hop on the Glory Train and make a joyful noise with us with great music and inspiring thoughts from The Caribbean Word for Today, Get Hope, and the TTB
  2. TWR360 Update for 2016
    Did you know that if you miss your favorite program on the air at TWR Bonaire, you can probably find it online at TWR360!  There is audio and video from 118 ministries, in 42 languages on TWR360.  Don't be left out.  Check out www.twr360.com
  3. Volunteers from New York
    Former TWR missionaries, Tim and Joyce Walker, recently came to Bonaire with three other couples from their church in Schenectady, New York.  These volunteers gave us a very welcome assist with some construction and painting projects at the transmitter
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