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  1. Alimento Para el Alma –60.000 devotionals for Latin America
    Food for the Soul – 60,000 devotionals for Latin America For 17 years in a row, Radio Trans Mundial (Trans World Radio in Spanish) has published the devotional Alimento para el Alma (Food for the Soul). All 365 daily devotional readings in the book are written by pastors
  2. Bible Bus’s Journey Started on Bonaire
    ‘We have a front-row seat to see that this is God’s ministry’ The Bible Bus left Bonaire for the first time in 1973 for a trip to Latin America. Since then many listeners climbed aboard the Bible Bus and journeyed through the Word of God. A Travès de la
  3. Will Vodou Priestess accept the little missionary in her home?
    Solar Radio Distribution trip in Rural Haiti After a two-hour drive in rural Haiti, Steve Shantz arrives in a small village and goes straight to the local church. More people are gathering. It is May 2018 and Steve Shantz, TWR VP for Latin America visits TWR’s partner in
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