What's New

  1. Testing and tying together now
    Tie it all togetherThe next few weeks is another exciting and busy time for the TWR Bonaire team; all components we installed are tied together and the whole transmitter system will be tested! We have installed some key components in the last few weeks: Phasor, which
  2. Today We ordered the Transmitter!
    This afternoon the order for the 450,000-watt transmitter was placed and signed by TWR executive leaders Lauren Libby, Steve Shantz and Tim Klingbeil. This is a great milestone in our Power Up project. We are expecting the transmitter to arrive on Bonaire in about five months.
  3. We Are Electricians for The Lord
    ”I am an electrician,” is the answer the young men would all give when asked what they do in daily life. Except, of course, for Jake, who is 16 and homeschooled. Brothers and cousins, all related to each other, have worked together for the past two weeks as
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