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  1. Radio Bible Project Brings the Bible to Life from TWR-Bonaire
    New program for Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia Radio Bible Project (Oye La Biblia) in Spanish begins broadcasting this week on our radio station Shine 800 AM. The series, made up of 365 fifteen-minute programs, covers the entire New Testament and all major stories of the Old
  2. Mechanical Engineering Students Feel Part of Something Bigger
    Daniel and Quinton do their internship at the Bonaire Radio Station of TWRDaniel Bollig (20) always wanted to do something in missions during his high school and college years. However, in his thoughts mission work was synonymous to church planting.  So, he never considered
  3. Engineer Extraordinaire Leaves Bonaire for New Assignment
    This past Sunday, the Pedersen family said farewell to Bonaire where they have lived and served for almost a decade. They will live in Texas, where their daughters, Lydia and Rachel, can have advanced schooling opportunities.  Dave’s new international position with
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