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  1. Friday, October 2
    Do you have an AM radio? Or an AM/FM switch on your favorite radio? If you do, you can join us for The Glory Train at 800KHz near the middle of the AM dial, on Trans World Radio. Bill Early is our host for news, music and a word from God’s Word, the Bible. Check out our
  2. New Programs Coming - New Schedule Posted
    We'll be adding the English language program, Truth in the Test Tube to our Friday evening lineup this week.  The Spanish version of TTT has been on 800AM for a while now.  You can learn more about TTT here: https://www.twr360.org/programs/16/truth-in-the-test-tube 
  3. Volunteers from Ohio
    Tim and Glenda McElhaney recently joined us for two weeks on Bonaire with a great group of volunteers from the USA.  They helped with the ongoing transmitter upgrade project.  Here are the volunteers, along with some of our TWR Bonaire
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