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  1. 'Haven Today' Ministers to Hurting Hearts in Cuba on Shine 800 AM
    Tonight El Faro de Redención, a ministry of HAVEN Today, will air a special program to offer love and support to our listeners in Cuba.  El Faro de Redencion has aired on Shine 800 reaching all of Cuba since February 5th, 2018. Every program opens with the
  2. TWR’s Bonaire Facility Gets 440,000 Watt Makeover
    Source: Radio World magazine of May 9, 2018James E. O'Neal Power boost makes station most powerful in Western Hemisphere In an era when most operators are reluctant to spend even very modest sums maintaining AM broadcast facilities, a southern Caribbean Island medium-wave
  3. Devotionals Reach Cubans with no Obstacles
    ‘You cannot send containers of food to Cuba because of government rules, but we can send God’s Word'. Tonight at 22.25 pm on Shine 800 AM Bonaire will start airing The Word for You Today-Spanish, otherwise known as La Palabra de Hoy Para Ti.  We spoke
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