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  1. TWR and 4VEH Haiti become partners
    Serving Together in Haiti NASHVILLE (NRB) - Yesterday at the NRB Convention, Steve Shantz, TWR’s Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean  Storly Michel, station director Radio-TV 4VEH Haiti, and John McLaughlin, chairman of 4VEH advisory board signed
  2. Billy Graham Memorial Program Thur. and Sun.
    We'll be airing a special radio program celebrating the life and ministry of Billy Graham.  You can hear it on 800AM tonight (Feb. 22) at 19:00 Bonaire time.  We'll also air it locally on the Voice of Hope, 89.5 FM at 8am and 5pm on Sunday, Feb.
  3. Effect Radio Waves New Transmitter TWR
    Kralendijk - TWR would like to address concerns the people on Bonaire may have regarding the effect of radio waves of this new 440kW transmitter. What changed this year at TWR (Trans World Radio)-Bonaire? On January 30, 2018, Trans World Radio put into operation a new 440
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