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  1. Wednesday, December 7
    We hope you can join us this evening at 7 o’clock, Atlantic Standard Time, for the Glory Train, with Bill Early. Coming your way every evening on 800 KHz on the AM radio dial, Trans World Radio presents an hour and a half of music, encouragement, news and Bible teaching. &
  2. Tuesday, December 6
    Trans World Radio’s English service begins tonight at 7pm Atlantic Standard Time. We’re located at 800KHz, right in the middle of your AM radio dial. “The Caribbean Word for Today” looks at Philippians 2:13 and God’s plan for your life.   
  3. TWR360 - Oct. Update
    Many of the radio programs that we have on the air here at TWR Bonaire can also be found online at TWR360.  There is now audio and video content in 47 languages, and from 150 ministries and churches. New apps for Android and iOS have been released which are
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