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  1. Expolit, connecting with listeners and radio stations in the Hispanic community
    ‘We met many people who have family, friends, and contacts in Cuba and informed them that we now have a strong radio signal there. A gentleman who was about to visit Cuba took a good quantity of our Shine Bonaire cards to hand out to people there.The radio station from
  2. Benny Does the Job ‘as for the Lord’
    Antenna rigger supervisor Saragoza retires in August Benny stared at the fish as they jumped and splashed, the circling birds squeaking and diving for the smaller ones. After all, he had nothing else to do, so why not sit by the Kralendijk, Bonaire, harbor and watch the
  3. TWR Coloring Contest
    Join the TWR Coloring Contest! We invite you this summer to show off your skills and join our Coloring Contest. This is how it works:Color the underwater world-plate in. Come to the TWR Studio, hand in your completed coloring page with your name, age, and address on it. 
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