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  1. Kolegio Rayo di Solo visits Trans World Radio (TWR)
    Children learn about climbing towers, radio waves and listeners Kralendijk – Twenty-three children from the elementary school Kolegio Rayo di Solo visited the studio of TWR Bonaire and the Transmitter site at the EEG Boulevard on Wednesday, January 16.  \
  2. TWR-Bonaire Staff Shares Expertise with 4VEH Haiti
    Serving together for the Gospel in Haiti This week Jonas Fischer, Dave Pedersen of TWR Bonaire, along with former tower rigger Benny Saragoza will climb and work on radio towers that are different than what they’re used to. Fischer and Saragoza will be climbing 4VEH’
  3. TWR Bonaire Radio Station Featured in World Radio TV Handbook 2019
    Complexities of Installing a 450 kW Transmitter Last year TWR-Bonaire's Broadcast Engineer Dave Pedersen was asked to write an article about the reasons for and the operational complexities, installing a new MW transmitter at TWR's Bonaire radio station.This article below is
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