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  1. Programanan na Papiamentu nan App I e ‘website’ TWR360
    (Scroll down for English) Hendenan na Antia ku ta papia papiamentu, awor por haña programanan di TWR ‘online’ den nan propio idioma; “Papiamentu.” Programanan manera;  Alimento pa e Alma (Jasmin Senchi), Awa Bibu (Eusebio Petrona) y Muhé
  2. TWR Venezuela Ministers to Ailing Nation
    The nine-story commercial building in downtown Maracay, a Venezuelan city of about a million people, is mostly dark and empty. The occupants began leaving along with the electricity, which went out about six months ago when the building’s transformer failed. Without
  3. Employment Opportunities TWR-Bonaire
    Description of 3 Job opportunities at TWR Bonaire1. TWR Bonaire Station Technical Director 2. Business Administration Coordinator3.  Tool and Equipment Supervisor PLEASE NOTE: These positions are missionary roles (not a direct hire) so the applicant, after being accepted,
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