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  1. Children are Venezuela’s Future
    Pedrito el Pulpo, TWR’s children ministry in Venezuela This summer, amid serious crisis in their country, Radio Trans Mundial Venezuela (TWR Venezuela) is busy visiting the children with the Pedrito el Pulpo show. So far, 16 places (churches and other) were visited and
  2. Working Four Hundred Feet Up in the Air
      TWR’s radio station, Shine 800, is located at a strategic spot on Bonaire because of the salt water all around the island. It is the ideal place to transmit radio waves. Yet, that same salt water combined with hot winds and harsh climate heightens the rusting and
  3. Radio Bible Project Brings the Bible to Life from TWR-Bonaire
    New program for Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia Radio Bible Project (Oye La Biblia) in Spanish begins broadcasting this week on our radio station Shine 800 AM. The series, made up of 365 fifteen-minute programs, covers the entire New Testament and all major stories of the Old
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