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  1. Fuerza Havana - Where is God in Fatal Accidents and Disasters?
    Special program for Cuba after last week a tornado hit Havana. Tonight at 9:30 pm and every night this week, El Faro de Redención (Haven Today), will air a special program called Fuerza Havana offering love and support to our Cuban listeners. Fuerza Havana shares
  2. Bilingual Live Broadcasts Celebrate TWR Bonaire Upgrade
    From Chicago and Cary to Colombia and Cuba with love! With a hat tip to the old James Bond movie, that might be the best way to describe two live broadcasts celebrating the one-year anniversary of the culmination of the Power Up campaign, which helped turn TWR Bonaire into the
  3. Kolegio Rayo di Solo visits Trans World Radio (TWR)
    Children learn about climbing towers, radio waves and listeners Kralendijk – Twenty-three children from the elementary school Kolegio Rayo di Solo visited the studio of TWR Bonaire and the Transmitter site at the EEG Boulevard on Wednesday, January 16.  \
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