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  1. Tom King uses Tech Know-How to Spread the Gospel
    Tom King was bored. It was 1996, and for the first time, the company that King is president of, Kintronic Labs, had its own display stand at the International Broadcasting convention in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the stand was in one of the worst spots in the exhibition hall,
  2. Mural: 'Wall of Hope for Bonaire'
    Scroll down for Papiamentu and Dutch The new wall painting at Trans World Radio is finished. Yesterday the scaffolding was taken away, and still the cars stop or drive more slowly to view the many details in the painting and take pictures.The current mural differs slightly from
  3. Waving and Honking Five questions we asked TWR-Bonaire mural painters
    We spoke with Rita Carswell and Jeannie Villacorte. They are professional mural painters and are working on TWR’s new mural.1.       How do you know about TWR?Through TWR missionaries Carol and Daryl VanDyken. We have known them for more than
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