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  1. Effect Radio Waves New Transmitter TWR
    Kralendijk - TWR would like to address concerns the people on Bonaire may have regarding the effect of radio waves of this new 440kW transmitter. What changed this year at TWR (Trans World Radio)-Bonaire? On January 30, 2018, Trans World Radio put into operation a new 440
  2. More Then 40 Emails from Listeners in Cuba!
    Alberto Gonzales was one of the main speakers during the Transmitter Dedication Celebration that took place last Tuesday, January 30.  While he was on Bonaire, Gonzales went into the studio and broadcasted live into Cuba on Shine 800 AM. ‘I am looking forward to
  3. Big Voice in Caribbean Bringing Gospel to Millions More
    Kralendijk – A new era in Christian broadcasting to Latin America and the Caribbean dawns as TWR inaugurates the most powerful radio station in the Western Hemisphere.     This Tuesday, January 30, TWR President Lauren Libby will join ministry staff,
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