News Listen now to Shine 800 AM on your mobile phone

June 4th, 2018

Listen now to Shine 800 AM on your mobile phone

Many people asked TWR, ‘How can we listen to Shine 800 AM when we don’t receive the radio-signal?

TWR-Bonaire together with the Spanish TWR Ministry developed an app and online radio station with the name Bonaire 800. At night, the programs on the app are the same as we have on Shine 800 AM. They all bring the pure message of God’s Word. Some are systematic Bible teaching, while dozens of others minister to specific audiences: Bible stories for children, marriage and family topics for couples, godly decision-making for youth, and many more, all from a biblical perspective.

Same Biblical Teachings On Air and Online
Brad Swanson, who is closely involved in programming says, ‘What is different from 800 AM is that we now also have programming during the day. As a bonus, we use extra Spanish programs that are very good, but have not made yet it to our Shine 800 program schedule on air.’

Listen Anywhere With Anyone
Elisa Keefe, ministry director of RTM USA, one of the initiators of the project comments, ‘The app brings Spanish programming and sound Biblical teachings. With this new app, our listeners can take Shine 800 AM with them anywhere they go. They are not dependent on the radio signal can share the app with anyone that needs biblical teaching’.

TWR does not have the license yet to broadcast the same music online as they do on air. On the App, most music will be Caribbean English music.

Download the app on your mobile phone, Ipad or open it online