News Live Hurricane update tonight at 800 AM.

September 19th, 2017

Live Hurricane update tonight at 800 AM.

Hurricane Maria, a category five storm, almost destroyed Dominica last night. Dominica is a Caribbean island, with a population of 72.000. All airports are closed.

Tonight TWR Bonaire 800 AM, will broadcast live to the Caribbean to give weather updates and information.  Starting at 7 pm, we will first broadcast in English with Bill Early and Scott Hollinger. From 9 – 10 PM we will broadcast in Spanish with Annabel Torrealba.

We asked Bill Early and Annabel Torrealba, about the broadcasts.  Bill Early: ‘It seems like all we can do is talk. Some of these islands do not have radio stations. We can pray for them on the air. Tell them that help will come. We mourn with those who mourn. We feel helpless and depend on God. Each of us will help in their own way. Some help with money, others, with relief help. We  talk and give information and hope.’

Annabel Torrealba: ‘I prepare my program with prayer and ask God for words to say. I look at the weather channel; they track the hurricane and give new updates every single second, so I know where it is and what it is doing. Then I look for words to encourage listeners when things like these happen. How can we pray, how can we help others, why does God allow these things to happen? I read about this and make notes.And then tonight in the broadcast, I will use these notes, while talking to the people.’
Do you get overwhelmed?
Annabel:’ No, when bad things happen, also in my family, I am the one that stays calm and looks for a solution.I know about the importance of radio during a disaster. We also broadcasted on the radio during the flooding in Venezuela in 1999, where 20.000 people died. Afterwards, we received many reactions from people, saying that we were the only connection they had, to give them hope and information.’

Please pray that

-       People will be prepared and lives will be spared
-       People will be able to listen to the signal
-       That the programs will be an encouragement
-       The listeners do not feel forgotten. Living on a remote island is not easy during a disaster.
-       That the listeners will put their trust in God