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April 7th, 2017

We Are Electricians for The Lord

I am an electrician,” is the answer the young men would all give when asked what they do in daily life. Except, of course, for Jake, who is 16 and homeschooled.

Brothers and cousins, all related to each other, have worked together for the past two weeks as volunteers at the Power Up project. They are descendants of Mr. Ralph VanderWerf, who helped with coordinating the electrical portion of the project.

We asked a couple of them what their experience this week has been:

Like an answer to prayer
Paul (22), “It has been fun working with the cousins; I normally do not get to see them very often. I had been praying to go on a mission trip, so when grandpa came up with this idea, it was like an answer to prayer. Being here, I like to see what our part is in helping to make this happen! It is right along the same lines as what I already do.  In my daily life I work at a Christian local radio station in California. A lot of the stuff that is here is like what we have at our local radio station, except it is a lot bigger - it is huge! What I do in California is local; TWR does it worldwide!”

Iguana for lunch
Philip (24), “Some parts and pieces were missing and my brother and I fabricated one of them ourselves in the shop with metal sheets.  That was a huge challenge. It was neat to see it all come together. For me this week was special, because I got to spend time with my family and the staff and we talked about many spiritual things. One of the local staff brought iguana and iguana eggs with him for lunch. So we ate it and it was good!”

Jake (16), “‘Grandpa invited me. I liked snorkeling with my cousins the most. The towers are really tall. The first week I helped Uncle Jim put up a pipe for the air conditioners. The second week I did just a bunch of everything.”

Steven (30), “This week was special to me, because of the type of work we were doing. We all support the ministry. Every day we were not just going to work, but going to work to serve. It was work with a special meaning to it. I was kind of a Jack-of-all-trades. I helped out wherever I could.”

Read more about Grandfather Ralph VanderWerf who helped with the electrical design of the Bonaire Power Up project. 

Help Us Finish the Task
We are thankful for people like Ralph VanderWerf, his sons, and grandsons. You also have an opportunity to contribute to the Power Up of TWR Bonaire. We still need $340,000 to complete the project and begin broadcasting at 450 kw.  Project completion will mean the entire nation of Cuba and a potential listening audience of 100 million across Latin America and the Caribbean will have access to the gospel programs of TWR. Will you help us finish the task with a generous gift today?