Trans World Radio was founded on February 11, 1952, as a nonprofit organization for the mass communication of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Burdened for the people of Spain, TWR founder Dr. Paul E. Freed realized that radio would be ideal to reach those in that spiritually needy land. He discovered an open door to establish a missionary radio station in Tangier, Morocco. Spain is directly across the Strait of Gibraltar.

n 1962 TWR searched for a location for a new radio station to add to the existing station in Monte Carlo. The reason for this was simple: to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Experts agreed that the best place for this should be somewhere in the Caribbean. From this location Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia could be reached. Puerto Rico and Curacao were explored as locations for the intended channel, but eventually, TWR ended up on Bonaire in 1963.

It was not easy to erect the 230-meter masts on the island of Bonaire against the punishing northeast trade winds. Yet Bonaire turned out to be an ideal location; the salt pans and the salty water of the sea surrounding the location became a superconductor for the radio waves. Two diesel engines, each the size of a train locomotive, provided the power.

The medium wave transmissions started in 1964 and in the spring of 1965, the first short wave transmissions went on the air. The short-wave broadcasts reached a major portion of the entire globe. Within three weeks the team of TWR on Bonaire received no less than 1200 letters from listeners from 58 different countries! A philosophy student from Oslo, Norway, wrote: "I take the opportunity to thank you for the new radio station on Bonaire.  Through the programs my eyes have seen the true God".

New 440 kW Transmitter
In January 2018 TWR installed a new 440kW transmitter gospel.  The 100 to 450 kW upgraded transmitter doubled our potential listening audience to 100 million people. On January 30, 2018 TWR Bonaire held a celebration as the new transmitter was turned on. Bonaire Gov. Edison Rijna spoke to the audience. “We are greatly honored with the role Bonaire plays, thanks to you,” he said. “We play a role in reaching millions of listeners in the Caribbean and Latin crisis. In Cuba local radio stations are not allowed to air Christian programming. Since the upgrade, we can reach these people that would otherwise not have a way to hear the gospel.