Our theological seminary was through Trans World Radio

I was fired from my job when they found out that I was a Christian.  Because we did not have any other help, I told my wife, "Well, what we have left to do is to preach the gospel."  Because if we don’t have a job or something to invest our time, then we are going to preach the Gospel.  And we started to preach the Gospel.  I am the pastor of Faith and Hope Church.  We have five missions in different places of town.  The people started to accept Jesus They asked for literature and Bibles.  We had no way to give people literature.  So the recommendation that we give them is to listen to TWR to have the gospel every day.  People in Cuba have a big need for the Gospel.  There are places that have not been evangelized yet.  Because they are very far away into the mountain, we don’t have enough missionaries to go.  And that labor is being covered by TWR.  One of the best things about TWR is their diversity of programs full of biblical teachings and also testimonies of people from the island.  There are programs that teach you through the Bible.  How to study it for 5 years.  Shine 800 Bonaire is the only broadcast station that is listened to throughout the entire island.  Many believers and non-believers are hearing about Jesus Christ through TWR.  Our theological seminary was through Trans World Radio.  We thank Trans World Radio for everything we know about Jesus and the Bible.

Pastor Alex - Cuba