Stories from Our Listeners

  1. Shine 800 AM Bonaire Disciples a Venezuelan Taxi Driver

    The daily sacrifices of the Venezuelan team are making a difference for many like this listener who found TWR when he was a taxi driver: “Greetings from Venezuela. About eight years ago, I started listening to your programs. The program Tierra Firme (Solid Ground) has been a great blessing…Read more

  2. Pray for my Family

    Guyana - Good evening brother, listening to your programming gives me Hope and courage about Gods kingdom. I am asking you and your brothers to pray for me and my family so we could grow more in faith and we all could understand Gods teaching more.      …Read more

  3. I am sorry I cannot send you offerings

    Cuba - In the last month, I did not miss one single radio program. Together with the outlines, they bring joy to my heart and strength to my soul! It is very comforting to receive the magnificent brochures with outlines. The book of Isaiah is one of my favorites. I am sorry I can’t send you…Read more