News Papiamentu APA Books are Here

October 2nd, 2020

Papiamentu APA Books are Here

Another new Devotional in Papiamentu

7.000 Alimento Pa e Alma books arrived on Bonaire 

This week more than 7.000 ‘Alimento Pa E Alma’ arrived on Bonaire. For the second time TWR (Trans World Radio) Bonaire translated the among Bonaireans very popular Spanish devotional ‘Alimento para el Alma’ into Papiamentu. From the first edition (2018) is not a book available anymore. For this reason, TWR Bonaire decided to also translate the 2020 Spanish Devotional into Papiamentu.  However, this time the devotions have not only been written by Christian leaders from Latin America, but also local Christian leaders from Bonaire, Aruba and Curaçao have contributed with about 15 devotions. 

The book cover is done by local artist Diana StJago and depicts a Kibrahacha tree.  TWR chose this tree, because this special tree grows on Bonaire and because when the rain comes after a long time of draught it starts to flourish an overwhelming yellow exhibition. A beauties of yellow flowers that are like an oasis in the dry wilderness of Bonaire. In the same it is TWR’s wish that this devotional will bring a fresh and new hope for the thirsty.   

Mariette Oosterhoff, who leaded this project says, ‘We praise God for this opportunity to bless the Papiamentu speaking people on Bonaire and worldwide with this book! We are also thrilled that we can offer this book at no charge!’

The book will be available to pick up at the TWR studio building with the mural (Kaya Gob. N Debrot 64) between 9 - 12 Monday-Thursday once the lockdown has ended.  When people want to pick up boxes with books to distribute on the island an email can be send to