News TWR Studio Hosts Day of Prayer on Bonaire

March 30th, 2020

TWR Studio Hosts Day of Prayer on Bonaire

Sunday morning, March 29th, TWR Bonaire hosted the local day of Prayer for Bonaire in their studio. The program could be viewed and listened to live on local TV and several local FM stations (including 89.5 FM Voice of Hope of TWR Bonaire).

The day started with a personal message from the island’s governor Edison Rijna. Then five local pastors took turns and prayed for health for the elderly and the sick. And for all companies and employers affected by the Corona situation.

Jason Helmholdt (TWR Bonaire) said, ‘We were happy to help out. The team put in quite a few extra hours getting the technology in place to make this event happen live on several FM stations and local TV. On Friday we got the request if we were able to have the event in our studio. They were looking for a recording space large enough so that everyone could maintain Social Distancing. The TWR studio works as a great neutral site for the churches on the island to get together’.

So far there is no Covid 19 detected yet on Bonaire. Please pray that God will keep Bonaire free from this Corona virus that has disrupted society and life in many places in the world.