News TWR Broadcast Addresses Coronavirus Emergency

February 13th, 2020

TWR Broadcast Addresses Coronavirus Emergency

What you need to know - Special TWR Broadcast about the Corona-virus

Tonight we will have a special broadcast with the name What You Need to Know. This extra program will air at 7 p.m. over TWR’s Shine 800 AM station on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

As the coronavirus spreads and sparks anxiety about personal safety, TWR producers and broadcast managers have hastened to record a special program responding to the crisis. The TWR special report, Coronavirus: What You Need to Know, gives listeners a general understanding of the origins, symptoms and prevention of the disease as well as providing a biblical perspective on fear and worry in the face of the global emergency.   

“Our goal is to provide immediate health education for our audience,” TWR Chief Content Officer Jon Fugler says. “We wanted to bring in a medical expert who could speak concisely and accurately on the situation. In addition, we want to bring hope to believers and non-believers.”

The 26-minute program features an interview by Andy Napier, host of TWR’s Footsteps radio feature, with physician David Stevens, nationally known speaker and Christian health-care leader. After describing the outbreak of the virus in China, its effects on patients and practical, preventive steps individuals should take, Dr. Stevens reminds believers that God is in control and won’t “allow anything to come into your life without his permission.”

“If those that are listening know Christ is their personal Savior and serve their Lord, they need to be willing to go out and help others,” Dr. Stevens says on the broadcast. “… You still take precautions, and you take them very frequently. … But at the same time, we should not withdraw into ourselves and be afraid of what's going to happen.”

The program will be in English and soon be translated in Spanish. In addition to Spanish, the program is being translated into Mandarin, Cantonese and possibly other Chinese dialects for broadcast over TWR’s shortwave station on Guam.  

The English version of the interview will also be available soon for streaming on