News Children are Venezuela’s Future

August 3rd, 2019

Children are Venezuela’s Future

Pedrito el Pulpo, TWR’s children ministry in Venezuela

This summer, amid serious crisis in their country, Radio Trans Mundial Venezuela (TWR Venezuela) is busy visiting the children with the Pedrito el Pulpo show. So far, 16 places (churches and other) were visited and over 2.000 children had a chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Gabriel Fernandez, director of RTM Venezuela says, “We like to invest in the children as they are the future of Venezuela.”

Pedrito el Pulpo, spanish for Little Peter the Octopus is a radio program for Spanish-speaking children ages 4 to 12, broadcast in Venezuela and across Latin America via TWR Bonaire and more than 250 radio stations. The program is so popular that various churches and other organizations are inviting RTM Venezuela to bring Peter and his puppet friends. Massive children’s events are being held. Hundreds of children are hearing the gospel through mime, puppet shows and songs.

Prisoner’s Children entertained by Pedrito
On July 21 (children day in Venezuela), the team was invited to a prison to entertain the children who visit their fathers on the weekends.  Almost 500 children enjoyed the show and many, for the first time, heard about Jesus.

Gabriel Fernandez say, ‘The visit to Tocoron Prison was a blessing and a wonderful opportunity to share about God´s Kingdom Values to those kids who went there to visit their fathers. We were allowed to use a big sound equipment that belong to the prisoners to put our Christian music and we promoted the Radio Trans Mundial programming from Shine 800 Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

The team also visited a school for children with special needs. Gabriel reported, “A young autistic boy really moved us when at the end of the show, he showed us his gratitude with many emotional words”. Last week the team visited an area that had been a hotbed for drug activity where some of the children have siblings who are delinquents.

Pedrito Explains Kingdom Values
Gabriel said, “Through mime, stories and the puppets, we bring Kingdom Values of God to the children. The children love to listen to Pedrito. In his own funny and shy way, he explains to the children that God wants to be their father in heaven. When they are scared, they can pray. With Gods help they can choose between good and evil”.

Together, Pedrito and the children sing Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd (see video). Gabriel has said, “Even though Venezuela is in a crisis, God is never in crisis”.

Portable Generator
To be prepared for power outages, the RTM team bought a portable generator and they bring it with them to all the rallies (just in case).

School Supplies are Scarce
Thanks to donations of ERF and other partners, RTM Venezuela is able to distribute gift bags to all the children at each event.  Each gift bag contains school supplies, a cup of oatmeal and a salvation bracelet.*  Gabriel said, “This summer we made the school bag giveaway bigger as most kids don’t have anything anymore these days. Inflation is a big problem, the prices are going up very fast, so this year we spent a lot of money on buying al these things..”

In Venezuela, simple school supplies like pencils and notebooks are either too expensive or very scarce. Gabriel says, “We feel the Lord is helping us to get the materials at good prices.”

Program Producer fights Illness
The  RTM Venezuela team is concerned about Silder Briceňo the producer of the Pedrito el Pulpo show. The team has been visiting Silder regularly while he is undergoing chemotherapy this summer to fight a tumor in his liver. With strong inflation, food and medicine have become very costly.

In August, the team is taking the show to the Venezuelan plains and Guasdualito on the Venezuelan - Columbian border.  Most of these areas can only be reached by boat.
Gabriel Fernandez, director of RTM Venezuela says, ‘despite the circumstances, we are determined to continue with Pedrito el Pulpo´s rallies in order to bring God´s Kingdom values to the children in Venezuela and other Latin-American countries, as long as it is possible. ‘

Please pray for:

  • Safety as they travel
  • Good health to continu
  • Many children to come to the show
  • The children to accept Jesus as their Savior
  • Silder Briceňo and his family. Pray for God to heal him, and wisdom for the doctors. Venezuela; a peaceful solution and change of government.
  • Praise God for the portable generator! 

*) The Salvation Bracelet uses various symbolic colors to present the gospel of Jesus to the children.

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