News Radio Bible Project Brings the Bible to Life from TWR-Bonaire

July 2nd, 2019

Radio Bible Project Brings the Bible to Life from TWR-Bonaire

New program for Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia

Radio Bible Project (Oye La Biblia) in Spanish begins broadcasting this week on our radio station Shine 800 AM. The series, made up of 365 fifteen-minute programs, covers the entire New Testament and all major stories of the Old Testament.  Each program brings the Bible passage to life in high quality dramatized audio followed by a teacher and student discussing the passage and answering questions any listener might have about Bible history or the passage itself.

Pray that God’s word will penetrate the hearts of our listeners and will change lives. The program can be heard in Cuba on Thursday nights at 10 p.m., in Venezuela on Friday morning at 8:15 and Friday night at 11:45 in both Venezuela and Columbia.

Radio Bible Project is a unique partnership between TWR (Trans World Radio), United Bible Societies (UBS), the International Bible Society (now called Biblica) and Faith Comes by Hearing.  With encouraging results, Radio Bible Project has been produced and airs in about 15 languages such as French and Hausa for West Africa, Spanish for Latin America, Uzbek and CARS Russian for Central Asia and Arabic.

Bill Mial, former TWR-Bonaire station director and TWR’s longest-serving missionary, and one of the initiators of Radio Bible Project, says, “Radio Bible Project gives voice to the printed page of the Bible and becomes for nonreaders an opportunity to at least know what it says.”

It is exciting to note that the first program aired from TWR’s new Silk Road Transmitter was Radio Bible Project in the Kazakh language.

Your gift to TWR Bonaire fuels the most far-reaching Christian media network in the Caribbean and Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Your gift and prayer makes the gospel available to approximately 100 million people in six languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Papiamentu and 3 tribal languages). 

About TWR Bonaire
TWR Bonaire was founded in 1964. From four major towers in the south of Bonaire TWR broadcasts Christian radio programs to Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil and the Caribbean to 100 million potential listeners. In six languages every day from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. people can listen to Shine 800 AM. For the people on Bonaire, we broadcast nonstop on 89.5 FM, Voice of Hope.