News Engineer Extraordinaire Leaves Bonaire for New Assignment

June 24th, 2019

Engineer Extraordinaire Leaves Bonaire for New Assignment

This past Sunday, the Pedersen family said farewell to Bonaire where they have lived and served for almost a decade. They will live in Texas, where their daughters, Lydia and Rachel, can have advanced schooling opportunities.  Dave’s new international position with TWR will be as Global Engineering Projects Specialist and Mari will continue her work with the Data Management team in Cary.

Home Built Antenna System
Steve Shantz, VP for TWR in Latin America and the Caribbean says, “Having Dave and Mari on Bonaire has been key to our transmitter upgrade and the running of the complex systems that make up a superpower radio station like TWR Bonaire. Dave Pedersen is an intriguing individual. He is an engineer extraordinaire! Before leaving to pick up someone from the airport just five minutes from his home, Dave doesn’t look at a flight tracker to see if the flight is on time.  Instead, he uses his radio receiver and home-built antenna system to listen to air traffic control to give the pilot the final approach clearance! One of his hobbies is trying to pick up very weak signals from remote radio transmitters such as the time he picked up a marine beacon thousands of miles away off the coast of Cape Verde.  Dave’s wife, Mari, is also very gifted, possessing a master’s degree in computer science. They make quite a power couple as Mari helps out TWR’s IT department in data management and Dave applies his skills to all things engineering.”

Improving Radio signal
Jonas Fischer, Technical Director TWR-Bonaire says, “Dave is a very smart engineer.  I am always amazed to see when Dave picks up a few pieces here and there, sometimes he even takes broken equipment out of the electronic dumpster and then starts to combine them for a project to improve the radio signal. Dave loves to do a project in a way that exceeds the expectations of others; always looking and searching for the best possible solutions.”

Farewell message from Mari:
The TWR ministry here in Bonaire brings hope to the Latin America region as it broadcasts Christian programming in many languages.  We have been amazed over the years to hear from listeners how the Word of God has impacted their lives and changed so many hearts to His Kingdom. Truly His Word brings good news to those who are weary and burdened.  It has been an honor to be His hands and feet in every part of the TWR ministry, whether it be engineering, entertaining guests, interns, and volunteers, or working in data management. We have also made some life long friends in Bonaire and plan to keep in touch.  We will look back on many happy memories of TWR staff BBQ on the beach, ministering to children at church, cooking IBC Men’s Meeting breakfasts, Prayer Walks at Rooi Lamunchi, and visiting our friends.  Farewell to a beautiful island.

Dave, Mari and their daughters will be missed on Bonaire. Fortunately, Dave has spent much time over the last six months passing on information so that things will continue to run smoothly, and he will also be able to assist remotely when needed. 

  • Please pray for the Pedersen family as they transition to a new community.
  • Pray for Lydia and Rachel as they start at their new schools after the summer break.
  • Pray for Dave in his new role and Mari as they both adjust to a new working situation.
  • Pray for the staff of TWR-Bonaire