News Kevin and Lynn, a Farewell to Bonaire after 14 years!

June 4th, 2019

Kevin and Lynn, a Farewell to Bonaire after 14 years!

‘Dear ones, this will be our last greetings from Bonaire’.  This is the first sentence of Kevin and Lynn Baker’s June-newsletter to their supporters. The newsletter continues with ‘It will be sad to leave our friends and the ministry on Bonaire, but sweet to see you all and minister from our home base in Alberta, Canada’.

This week the TWR-Bonaire staff helped the Bakers to pack their container and then together enjoyed a goodbye-dinner with this faithful couple that have served TWR Bonaire for a total of 14 years.

Kevin recently said, ‘the most impactful part of my ministry at TWR Bonaire was during the Power Up project (upgrading the transmitter from 100-kW to 450-kW). Even though at times the work can seem mundane, in heaven we’ll know the scope of our ministry. There were many exciting, up times and a few down times, but the Lord takes each situation and uses it for good. Hearing reports of listeners who heard the radio broadcasts and found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ has been a real blessing for me’.

Lynn adds, ‘the love that God has for His people and how He brings us all together from different nations, backgrounds, and personalities, for the same cause, is so beautiful to experience and see’

Kevin served TWR-Bonaire as a Tool and Die maker and tower rigger. Lynn served as a health officer, in guest and staff hospitality and various other tasks with TWR. They both volunteered in the local international church and in helping others on the island.
Jonas Fischer, technical director of TWR-Bonaire, says, ‘Kevin came back to Bonaire, to carry out tower repairs and was part of the team that replaced all 3900 cross braces!  Then Kevin helped paint each brace each year.  Whatever Kevin was working on, whether it was a plumbing project, fixing a car, repairing a broken tool, chasing donkeys or fixing fences - he put a lot of effort into it. Whenever I was at the transmitter site, and found the kitchen all cleaned up, I was quite sure it was not Kevin or one of the maintenance guys, but Lynn that passed by and cleaned up all the mess we made’.

The staff of TWR-Bonaire is thankful for Kevin and Lynn Baker.

Please pray for Kevin and Lynn as they ship their container of belongings back to Canada and then for safety as they travel home. Pray also that they will resettle well and that the Lord will lead them in their next assignment.

Please also continue to pray for the listeners who are reached by the Bonaire transmitter, that they will hear and understand the hope found in Jesus Christ. We are thankful that God is in control of all we do, and we look forward to the day when we can share in his glory when we meet brothers and sisters who have come to a saving faith in Jesus through the ministry.