News Transmitters from Norway Create New Opportunities in Latin America

May 13th, 2019

Transmitters from Norway Create New Opportunities in Latin America

Transmitters from Norway Create New Opportunities in Latin America 

When Norway began the process of disbanding FM radio, listeners transitioned to a new Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) standard. This transition was exciting for Christian radio station P7, a partner ministry of TWR. It allowed the station to reach many more listeners at a much lower cost. 

No longer need for FM Transmitters
After the DAB+ was launched, we have gone from reaching 300,000 people to reaching almost 3.8 million” Station Director Kenneth Hjortland explained. We are now covering 80 percent of the country with our radio.”The transition meant many Norwegian radio stations would no longer need their FM transmitters.  When someone offered P7 10 high-quality transmitters, they reached out to TWR and offered to coordinate the donation of the transmitters.   

FM Transmitters are top of the line
On April 
1, the transmitters arrived at Sonset Solutions in Elkhart, Indiana. Sonset Solutions agreed to partner with TWR and use their warehouse space to unpack the transmitters. There they will be tested and then re-crated for shipment to their destinations in Peru, Haiti and possibly Bolivia and Mexico to be used by local FM radio stations. P7 graciously paid for the cost of shipping.   

Hjortland explained that providing financial support to TWR partners is an important part of the station’s mission. “We are very clear to our donors on that when you give 100 euros to us, 10 euros or more will go to the international work we are supporting,” he said 

Hjortland is thrilled the transmitters will be put to good use spreading hope to others in a part of the world that needs the Word of God. “We have seen the possibility in the Latin American area to reach so many people for lesser resources than we need in Norway,” he said. We have a God, and God created all people all over the world equally.” 

Steve Shantz, TWR’s vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean, said, These 10 FM transmitters are top of the line, from a manufacturer known for their quality. Our engineers who unpacked them in the USA tell us they are in excellent condition. To have such equipment gifted to the ministry is an amazing blessing. We are very excited to see how we can now deploy them to expand God’s kingdom. It is wonderful when TWR’s national partners work with us to reach more people with the gospel through media.” 

Hjortland, a former administrative pastor, also understands how ministry through radio can reach large numbers of listeners. Its impact is undeniable. “I worked 10 years in a church,” he said. I have stood on the pulpits, and I have shouted out to the unreached people that they have to learn to know Jesus, but my message stopped in the door. It never reached outside of the church.” 

As for the transition to DAB radio back home in Norway, Hjortland said it has been a blessing to now be able to reach Christian listeners across the entire country. This outreach is also inspiring new listeners in Norway to support P7 radio, and, in turn, Trans World Radio. Through the transition to new digital technology, Hjortland is now spreading hope to an even wider audience than ever before in Norway and half a world away.