News Share-a-thon Shine the Light Bonaire Encouraging

May 10th, 2019

Share-a-thon Shine the Light Bonaire Encouraging

Listeners share their stories and thank TWR

Like streams of water, an overflow of reactions came in as soon as Brad Swanson, Program Manager for TWR Bonaire, pushed the start button and TWR’s Latin American team went live on air on the Shine 800 AM Bonaire Radio station.  Listeners immediately started to be part of the event “Shine the Light” by sending messages and the first donation that came in was 500 gourdes from Haiti, which is about $6 USD.
In the first week of May, well-known Latin American TWR-speakers, Annabel Torrealba, Jehiel Ortiz (Dominican Republic), Esteban Larrosa (Uruguay), Ricardo Kroskinsque’ (Brazil) and Maralina Alfonso (Paraguay) were on Bonaire to do a live on-air fundraising campaign “Shine the Light Bonaire.” The purpose of this campaign was to ask listeners to participate in the live shows and take up the challenge with TWR to bring the gospel to more people by donating money to fund further broadcasts.

Gifts from Venezuela
The campaign was encouraging, energizing and at times moving. Early in the morning, listeners from Venezuela tuned in and one of them gave 54,000 Bolivars. This is a very high amount considering the inflation and economic crisis the country is going through. Prayers for Venezuela were spoken live on the radio waves and many listers were touched.

One WhatsApp message says, “Thanks for your very beautiful prayers for our country Venezuela. I will continue to join you in prayer as the Lord allows me. A faithful Radio Trans Mundial listener, Moron Carabobo State Venezuela.”

Messages came in via WhatsApp and Social Media from Brazil, Guiana, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and the Caribbean.

God uses our efforts which may seem small
A woman from Cuba left a voice message in which she shared about a very challenging time in her life where she had to make difficult decisions. She heard a song on the radio through TWR Bonaire that changed her whole perspective on her situation and turned her life around. Later she wrote a song about her experience.

 “This story is a confirmation for us, that God uses our efforts (which may seem small to us) as instruments to communicate hope to the world,” says Jehiel Ortiz, one of the speakers who works for TWR in the Dominican Republic.

Lauren Libby – President of TWR, Steve Shantz and Jon Fugler presented the English block. During their program, a long testimony came in from a pastor in Cuba, who came to faith as a young boy listening to TWR. Steve Shantz, TWR’s Vice President for Latin America says, “I have been with TWR for 38 years and finally ended up doing live radio! Just as thrilling as it was to talk to our audience, connecting with people and reading their testimonies was very encouraging for those of us who work to make the broadcasts possible. We could sense that people love the broadcasts and that Shine Bonaire means a lot to them.” 

Excitement and Glow
Jason Helmholdt, TWR Missionary on Bonaire and Radio Board Operator for the show says, “I was running the board during the Spanish section, and when they would respond to listeners’ feedback, I had no idea what it was about. On the other hand, even without understanding what was being said, it was interesting to watch the team react to the different feedback coming in.  There was a palpable excitement in the studio during the live shows.  I could almost see the responses fueling the hosts.  Their “glow” would increase a little with each response they read”. 

Next to a Spanish speaking block and English block, Ricardo Kroskinsque’ from RTM Brazil, presented the Portuguese block. One of the listeners commented that he listened to the 10th cycle of “Thru The Bible” with Pastor Davi Nunes. Another listener from São Carlos, Camaquã, says he is happy to participate and enjoys the blessing transmitted by TWR that is building up lives.

Across the Caribbean Ocean, TWR-directors Gabriel Fernandez from Venezuela and Antonio Neira from Colombia were tuned in to the broadcasts. Fernandez commented, “In Venezuela, it was received very well. Congratulations to the Bonaire team.” Neira said, “Hello to the Bonaire team that Shined the Light at 800 AM; it was an excellent show. Expressions of solidarity and congratulations to all who were part of the event.

Join in and support TWR Bonaire
If you want to join the listeners of Shine 800 Bonaire, you can donate your gift and help us to bring God’s word to more people in Latin America.

Some listener testimonies
Thanks to the whole Trans World Radio team for bringing the word of salvation to so many people. Over 25 years ago, I heard a song that marked my life and afterward I composed my first song. Thanks for so much love and dedication.

Good morning dear brothers. My name is H. I have been listening from Paraguaná peninsula, Falcón Venezuela since the end of 1989. he signal is good! Trans Mundial has been a school for my spiritual growth. “Thru the Bible” is one of my favorite programs. I always remember RTM in my prayers. My offering is 7000 Bolivars.

Good evening, I greet you from Venezuela (Puerto Cabello). I thank God for the programming of 800AM. Because God is faithful, I pray he would sustain it. I listen when I wake up, throughout the day, and during the night. May the Lord touch the hearts for the offering because He has control. My prayers will be for that team that God has united to spread his gospel.