News Cuba: How can we make good radio?

April 23rd, 2019

Cuba: How can we make good radio?

How a Bible distributor used stories to grow a radio teaching movement in Cuba

When TWR’s Media Partner Haven Today found out that TWR has a radio station that reaches the whole island of Cuba with a powerful signal, it only made sense to start a Cuban Bible teaching radio program.
“Redemption Lighthouse” began broadcasting in early 2018 and gave listeners daily Bible teaching from Daniel Warne, former missionary kid to Mexico and seminarian. Up until then, Haven Today distributed much needed Bibles in Cuba, as there is a great shortage of Biblical texts in Cuba. Many received Bibles for the first time!

Towers on Bonaire like a blowtorch for Cuba
Charles Morris President of Haven Today says, “We are so thankful we can be a voice for Cuba thanks to the powerful towers of TWR on Bonaire at the coast of South America. They are like a blowtorch for Cuba! If we can hear the signal in Southern California, you can only imagine how strong the signal must be in Cuba. With “Haven Today” on the radio station every night, with Cuban Christian music, solid Bible teachings and first-person accounts of Cubans who have found Christ, we have a rare opportunity to support the largest revival in the Western hemisphere - a revival that is sweeping through Cuba today!” 

Good radio connects
Dan Warne, broadcaster and speaker of the program says, “What we try to do as a staff, is to be as creative as possible. We try to think; how can we make good radio? A program should not only be a good sermon. Good radio should connect, be intriguing, pleasant to listen to and incorporate many elements like song, interviews and prayer.”

What makes “Redemption Lighthouse” unique is that it uses in-country reporters. Host Daniel Warne explains, “Many Cubans don’t have the chance to hear testimonies from other Christian Cubans.  On our radio program, I work with reporters inside Cuba. They collect testimonies of what the Lord has been doing in Cuba and I use them in the radio program. Many listeners say that the Bible studies have such a great impact, and that it is so encouraging to hear a fellow Cuban talking about Jesus and how they found hope and truth in him.”

As a Christian, it is not easy to speak with others, who are unbelievers about our faith but when you hear about a fellow Christian who is going through the same struggle, it brings great comfort. God uses these testimonies to strengthen and build our faith. We, Cubans, pray diligently that God keeps this program on the air and that it will reach more people.”  A female listener in Cuba

“Redemption Lighthouse” uses music and vocal talent from local Cuban artists. Inside producer, Jamil (photo left), also recorded the voice of a Cuban Christian with a great voice to read bible verses: “She has a great voice, with just enough of an accent that sounds Cuban, but is  still understandable for other countries.”

Dan Warne, “Radio ministry is fascinating - I stand to preach into a faceless microphone and wonder who this gospel message is going to reach. But then later I hear their voices as testimonies pour in from all over Cuba, Venezuela, and beyond. The voices of people touched by the good news.

Their first copy of the Bible
Dan Warne, visits Cuba twice a year. Last year, he was able to deliver a radio message in person. Warne, ‘The church was packed, there were about 1.200 people. When I went outside, I saw these giant trucks, that look like dump trucks. The Methodist pastor had loaded up any Christian who wanted to come and traveled three hours on bumpy roads, with this horrible transport because people wanted their very first copy of scripture. To be involved in not only giving a Bible but also teaching the Bible and help people to understand the story of the scripture, that makes me excited’.

Tornado in Havana
When a tornado hit Havana last year, the in-country producer of “Redemption Lighthouse” had gone into the streets and churches of Havana to gather testimonies and biblical reflections from church members and pastors in the affected areas.
“Tragedies prompt big questions in people’s hearts and minds,” Warne said. “Radio provides an important space to speak to hurting hearts while bringing the hope of the gospel. One of the testimonies I used in the program is from two Christian women who were praying and crying out to the Lord when the tornado tore the roof off above their heads in their fifth-floor apartment. They said, ‘Our roof was the sky, and we cried out, “Thank you, Jesus, for saving our lives!”’

Photo: Speaker Dan Warne on the right, with in-country producer Jamil from Cuba


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