News Mexico Needs More Programs Like This One

April 23rd, 2019

Mexico Needs More Programs Like This One

‘Waking up in Mexico City with the Word of God’

MEXICO CITY – As of April, a potential audience of 25 million listeners in Mexico City and beyond can tune in to the Bible teaching program Thru the Bible (A Travès de la Biblia in Spanish). The program will be called A Spiritual Serenade for Your Life - ATB and airs during the week at 5 a.m., right before one of the top Mexican broadcasts titled Behind the News starts. 

Two weeks ago, Radio Encuentro (TWR’s partner in Mexico) signed a contract with the Radio Fórmula group, a leader in Mexican talk radio with over 100 stations throughout the country. Radio Fórmula’s Director Arturo González Orduňo says, “These programs are important enough to be broadcast on the best radio outlets in Mexico City, Jalisco State and Monterrey. The program will help people learn how faith can be applied to daily life. Mexico needs more programs like this.”

During the day, Radio Fórmula will run advertising spots to invite people to listen to the broadcast.

Michael Escalante, president of Radio Encuentro, says, “The majority of Mexicans are Catholics and are not used to reading or listening to scripture. Starting April 1 of this year, they will wake up in the morning to hear the Word of God daily.”

The program can be listened to on secular radio in the majority of the top five largest cities including Mexico City (104.1 FM and 1500 AM); Guadalajara, Monterrey (1230 AM); and Merida, Yucatan (105.1 FM).  

Photo: Signing the contract to air A Spiritual Serenade for Your Life - ATB program on secular radio. Pictured are Alejandro Vieyra (National Director of Radio Encuentro); Nayeli Vieyra (Alejandro’s wife); and Arturo González Orduňo (Director of Radio Formula Group).