News Being a Small Part of a Changed Life

March 4th, 2019

Being a Small Part of a Changed Life

Serving Short-term with TWR-Bonaire

“I came to volunteer on Bonaire because the station reaches a lot of people with God’s Word. Nothing crazy or whatever, just God’s Word in a language they can understand. I’ve heard many stories of how TWR’s broadcasts changed someone’s life. For me, it is a great blessing to be a small part of that.”

Several years ago, Mike Gehrmann, a service manager for a large heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor, sent his resume to Finishers (now called Mission Next). Last year Gehrmann received a call from TWR, asking him if he was willing to come to Bonaire to serve at the TWR radio station on the island that reaches Cuba, Venezuela and many other countries.

Mike Gehrmann continues, “I started looking into what TWR is all about and it sounded great.”
Last January, Mike and his buddy Steve traveled down to Bonaire ten days to help design a new air conditioning system for the studio and do preventive maintenance on the air conditioning equipment at the transmitter site.

“When we arrived on Bonaire, we heard that people were praying for us. That was just totally humbling. We loved the sunshine on Bonaire; however, it was the people who made the biggest impression on us. Going back to my normal job and knowing that there are people working to serve the Lord full time keeps me grounded.”

TWR’s mobilization team regularly accesses Mission Next profiles online at, looking through information submitted by people interested in missionary service. Carol VanDyken, TWR-recruiter explains, "The Lord has brought a number of people to TWR to serve both short and long term through Mission Next.  It’s exciting to connect with believers who are looking for where God might have them serve in missions and talk and pray with them to see if He is directing them towards TWR".

Mike’s favorite Bible verse is, ‘Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father.’ James 1:17. At TWR we thank God, our heavenly Father, for the gift of time and expertise that short-term volunteers bring to TWR.

Are you interested in serving TWR in short-term mission work? Email us at