News TWR Bonaire Staff Retreat is all about Rest

February 22nd, 2019

TWR Bonaire Staff Retreat is all about Rest

Rest is offered but must be received

While TWR is celebrating their 65th anniversary worldwide, the staff on Bonaire is having a retreat this week on the topic of Rest. Todd Dugard, Lead Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel Barrie in Ontario, Canada and his wife Cheryl, came to Bonaire to serve the team and help them to find the rest, that is offered by Jesus.

Soul-crushing Burdens
Todd says, “rest is offered by Jesus, but must be received.  In Matthew 11 vs 28 Jesus said, ‘Come to me all you are weary and are heavily burdened and I will give you rest’. We all want the rest; however, we tend to bury our problems and keep going. We are not stopping to consider the Lord and how things of the past might affect us, and how we need to bring order in our lives”. Todd explained how to get rid of four soul-crushing burdens that wear us out.  Unconquered sin, undisciplined self, unclaimed hope, and unaddressed hurt.

Meetings were held each morning in the big studio from 10 am to noon. Steve Shantz, TWR VP for Latin America and the Caribbean, shared stories about TWR in Latin America and around the world. Afterwards, Todd Dugard spoke about rest from the book of Hebrews.

Refresh Mind and Spirit
Steve Shantz says, “we organized this retreat because want to show appreciation to the Bonaire staff and give them something different, so they can refresh their minds and spirits with some good Bible teaching and fellowship. The topics Todd teaches are very relevant to Christians who work in missions. He has many years of experience preaching from God’s Word and he presents it in a practical way”.

Todd comments: “The fellowship we have during lunch is a good time to build relations and talk some more on a personal level. When I think of Louis and Lionel climbing those towers, chipping rust, washing, and painting, they are literally taking their lives in their hands, all because they have a passion to bring the gospel to people who have never heard it and to build up believers. I am very impressed with the staff here. There is so much science behind broadcasting. It is an inspiration for me, that the people devote their life to this”.

Today the staff will practice the theme of Rest and have a sailboat trip to Klein Bonaire for snorkeling and lunch.

The four sermons of Todd Dugard about Rest can be listened to online.