News Fuerza Havana - Where is God in Fatal Accidents and Disasters?

February 4th, 2019

Fuerza Havana - Where is God in Fatal Accidents and Disasters?

Special program for Cuba after last week a tornado hit Havana.

Tonight at 9:30 pm and every night this week, El Faro de Redención (Haven Today), will air a special program called Fuerza Havana offering love and support to our Cuban listeners. Fuerza Havana shares Biblical truths and testimonies of people from Havana, Cuba where four people died and over 1,000 people lost their homes to last week’s tornado.

Our Roof was the Sky
Dan Warne, the program’s director and speaker, says,“Tragedies like last week’s tornado prompt big questions in people’s hearts and minds. Radio provides an important space to speak to hurting hearts while bringing the hope of the gospel. One of the testimonies will be from two Christian women who were praying and crying out to the Lord in their fifth-floor apartment when the tornado tore the roof off above their heads. They said, ‘Our roof was the sky and we cried: Thank you Jesus, for saving our lives!’ 

Last week, El Faro de Redencion’s in-country producer, Yamil, hit the streets of Havana and visited the churches to gather testimonies and biblical reflections from pastors and church members from the affected areas.

Suffering not the end of our story
'In times like these, we need to move fast and think on our feet to make a good radio program. We are grateful for TWR Bonaire staff and their flexibility to make the changes needed in order to interrupt their normal programming. We hope to lovingly remind the listeners that God is good no matter the circumstances.'

On the program, Dan Warne reads Isaiah 55 sharing how the Lord says his ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. It is easy to question God’s providence in the face of fatal accidents and natural disasters. But we tell our listeners about our rock-solid confidence in a compassionate and gracious God, who sacrificed his own Son for our redemption and that because of our faith in him, our suffering isn’t the end of the story.

Watch the program online with video

Will you pray

  • Pray for the church who is rallying around those who are hurting and offering food, even with so little resources themselves.
  • Pray that the church will be able to provide answers to difficult questions.
  • Pray that many Cubans will tune in to Shine 800 AM Bonaire this week and experience comfort and come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

  • Pray that RTM Cuba and El Faro de Redención will be able to continue to bring the gospel to Cuba where there is a hunger for God’s Word unlike anything most of us have seen.

Picture: El Faro's in country producer talked with these two Christian women. They were praying and crying out to the Lord when the tornado tore the roof off their heads in their fifth floor apartment. They said “our roof was the sky, and we cried out Thank You, Jesus, for saving our lives.” Their story is recorded and used in the program Fuerza Havana