News Kolegio Rayo di Solo visits Trans World Radio (TWR)

January 17th, 2019

Kolegio Rayo di Solo visits Trans World Radio (TWR)

Children learn about climbing towers, radio waves and listeners

Kralendijk – Twenty-three children from the elementary school Kolegio Rayo di Solo visited the studio of TWR Bonaire and the Transmitter site at the EEG Boulevard on Wednesday, January 16.  \

At the transmitter site, close to the saltpans, Jason Helmholdt of TWR-Bonaire explained what kind of power is needed to take the message all the way to Brazil and Cuba. He explained to the children how the tower riggers climb the towers and paint them every summer. In the studio Brad Swanson taught the children how programs are produced and how to talk in the microphone. Mariette Oosterhoff told the children stories about listeners.

 Shurna van der Heijden-Windster, a teacher at Rayo di Solio says, ‘what really stood out were the antennas. Normally the children can see the antennas from the street. For the first time they were able to see the towers from close by. Inside the building, they could climb a small antenna. They were impressed that the tower riggers will work on the towers for the whole day. The children were also moved by the story about the naughty boy who while listening to the radio program learned to say sorry’.