News TWR-Bonaire Staff Shares Expertise with 4VEH Haiti

January 8th, 2019

TWR-Bonaire Staff Shares Expertise with 4VEH Haiti

Serving together for the Gospel in Haiti

This week Jonas Fischer, Dave Pedersen of TWR Bonaire, along with former tower rigger Benny Saragoza will climb and work on radio towers that are different than what they’re used to. Fischer and Saragoza will be climbing 4VEH’s AM and FM towers in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. The towers are 170 and 200 feet high. 

Radio 4VEH, the Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, broadcasts daily on 840 AM, as well as on FM, local television, and online. Its AM signal reaches an area where more than 4 million people live, and where many live under the influence of voodoo (worship of spirits).

Some tasks the team will be doing are evaluating the state of the towers, checking the condition of the FM tower, inspecting generators and power plants and conducting field strength study.

Radio 4VEH Haiti has been working with TWR for many years. Last year, this was formalized as 4VEH became an National Partner.  4VEH’s station director, Storly Michel, feels that the partnership is a blessing.

Michel said, “Our listeners will benefit greatly from this partnership. We can call on TWR for expertise and work together with them to improve the signal for our listeners. With TWR, we have more programs coming our way and that is good news for our listeners.”

 ‘Lately, 4VEH does not have a full-time AM broadcast engineer,” Steve Shantz-TWR ministry vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean- said. “For us, it is a great honor to assist this very effective radio ministry in Haiti. Lives and communities are changed through the gospel that can only be heard through their radio programs. The evangelism and solar Radio distribution project 

they do is excellent, and the AM radio is the core of that project. So, we are very happy we can serve 4VEH, with our expertise.”

Please pray for the safety of the workers in Haiti. Pray that the work of this week will be of great benefit for the listeners now and in the future.

PHOTO, left to right: Benny Saragoza- former Tower Rigger TWR, Jonas Fischer- Technical Director TWR-Bonaire, Dave Pedersen- Chief Engineer TWR. TWR staff Bonaire on their way to Haiti