News Power in RTM office Venezuela will be restored soon!

December 6th, 2018

Power in RTM office Venezuela will be restored soon!

After working in an office for nine months without electricity, the RTM Venezuela team can almost say that the Power is back on.

Back in March 2018 a utility worker, dropped a wrench onto a large transformer that supplies electrical power to the office complex where RTM-Venezuela has their offices and studios.  This caused the transformer copper windings to burn out cutting the power to the entire complex.  

Since then, the staff had to climb 9 floors in the dark to reach their place of work.  With no electricity or running water, it was very hard to perform their ministry activities such as recording programs and doing follow-up.

Fortunately, being on the top floor, they were able to install a generator on the roof of the building allowing them to operate the computers and air conditioner.  Radio programs also needed to be produced however the computers and air conditioner had to be shut down since the generator did not have the capacity to power the studio equipment and the office.  There has been much prayer that the transformer would be repaired or replaced.

Two months ago, the utility company suddenly showed up and loaded the transformer on a flatbed truck and carted it away, promising it would be repaired.  The RTM national director Gabriel Fernandez knows an employee at the repair facility who sent some photos of the transformer windings being replaced and then just a few weeks ago, the transformer completely refurbished.

Yesterday, the utility company truck again showed up with the transformer looking like new and used a powerful crane to lower it into position.  The connection of the power lines to the transformer is supposed to happen today.  Please pray that the company shows up to complete the work, that the transformer will function and after nearly a year, the electricity will be restored to the RTM Venezuela offices and Studios, so the ministry can once again function at full power!

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