News Alimento Para el Alma –60.000 devotionals for Latin America

October 25th, 2018

Alimento Para el Alma –60.000 devotionals for Latin America

Food for the Soul – 60,000 devotionals for Latin America

For 17 years in a row, Radio Trans Mundial (Trans World Radio in Spanish) has published the devotional Alimento para el Alma (Food for the Soul). All 365 daily devotional readings in the book are written by pastors and Christian leaders in Latin America.

The book is very popular among churches in Latin America and is an important public-relations tool for RTM in Latin America. After each month in the book, information is provided about RTM ministries like TWR Women of Hope, TWR360 and the Shine 800 AM station on Bonaire.

This year the book was also translated into Papiamentu as a gift to the people of Bonaire. Soon after they were made available, all 8,000 books were picked up by churches and local residents.

Lemuel Larrosa, formerly the director of RTM Uruguay and TWR’s ministry leader for Latin America, has compiled and thoroughly edited the devotions for many years. Because all the contributing writers participate on a voluntary base, the book can be sold at an affordable price.

With this book, RTM partners in Latin America respond to TWR’s challenge of reaching the world for Christ and producing fruit that lasts,” Larrosa says. “Hundreds of thousands of people use the book to feed their souls daily, and it helps them to relate to their local radio stations that broadcast programs produced by RTM in Spanish. Most of the partners sell these books, and the profit is used to support local projects in their countries. The 2019 edition has a flamingo on the cover. The reason for this is that Bonaire is well-known as the island of the flamingos.”

The daily devotionals of Alimento para el Alma can also be heard on a two-minute radio program called APA Radio. Hundreds of radio stations broadcast these messages. Alimento Para el Alma is one of the most-watched and listened-to programs on TWR360 (RTM360 in Spanish).

Photo: The 2019 edition of Alimento para el Alma has been dedicated to the TWR Bonaire radio station to celebrate the completion of the Power Up project, which increased the broadcast power so millions more can listen to biblical programs.