News Will Vodou Priestess accept the little missionary in her home?

October 23rd, 2018

Will Vodou Priestess accept the little missionary in her home?

Solar Radio Distribution trip in Rural Haiti

After a two-hour drive in rural Haiti, Steve Shantz arrives in a small village and goes straight to the local church. More people are gathering. It is May 2018 and Steve Shantz, TWR VP for Latin America visits TWR’s partner in Haiti and joins a Radio Distribution trip.

Within the broadcast reach of TWR partner, Radio 4VEH, live more than four million people. However many of them have no radio to listen to the programs. The 4VEH’s team together with local churches visit very poor families, living with no electricity, where many people cannot read to hand out solar radio’s to them.  

Conversation in a Yard
Steve joins one of the two groups and together with a local guide; he walks from house to house.  Some people stay behind in the church and pray, ‘God open hearts for the gospel and protect the team’.

After some talks with locals, Steve meets a woman who invites him and the guide come into her yard. They start a conversation and Steve asks her, ‘Do you know Jesus?’ Agitated and with a loud voice she answered, ‘Yes I know, and I know He is God’s Son but I will never accept Him!’ Steve asked, ‘Can I pray for you? The woman answered, ‘Yes, please pray for me and my family’. After the prayer, Steve thanked her for inviting them into her yard. The woman answered: ‘If I reject you, then I am rejecting God’.  Steve did not give the woman a radio because so is so distressed.

While walking to the next house, Steve hears from a local that the woman he just visited is a Vodou priestess. The guide decides to go back to give her a radio, which she accepted.

Vodou’s Grip
When Steve asked Storly Michel, 4VEH’s director, about the woman and what is preventing her from giving her life to Jesus, Storly answered, ‘Many are afraid of the consequences. The Vodou has a strong hold on them.  Vodou keeps them strapped in fear. The fear of evil spirits and their ancestors’. Voodoo is very much alive in Haiti. Whether you can see it or not.

Steve said about his experience, ‘we distributed 40 radios that day, in addition to everyone who came to the church to pray. I enjoyed meeting the Christian community at the church. It was also great to meet some of the local people. Please pray for 4VEH and the great work they are doing.  Pray also for the radio distribution and the people of Haiti. What is holding Haiti back?  Pray that the next generation that sound biblical teaching will break the strongholds of Satan.’

Share the Gospel Face to Face
4VEH Haiti distributes radios in cooperation with the local church.  Every team consists of a local guide who knows the area and the people in the community, a “recorder” who takes down the name and location of the person receiving the radio and their details and someone who shares the gospel. The first objective of 4VEH is to share the Gospel face to face, then to give out a solar radio, as a tool to minister to people every day, through 4VEH broadcasts and the Audio Bible

More Families are Waiting
In 4VEH latest impact report, we read that between 2012 and 2017, 15.000 radios were distributed. 74.250 people heard the Gospel presentations and 10.785 people made a decision for Christ.  However, for every family blessed with a solar radio/audio Bible, many more families are still waiting as supplies of radios run out. The goal of 4VEH is to distribute 160.000 solar radios so one million people will be reached!

Your donation of $60 will sponsor a radio to bless a whole family in Haiti.