News 'Haven Today' Ministers to Hurting Hearts in Cuba on Shine 800 AM

May 21st, 2018

'Haven Today' Ministers to Hurting Hearts in Cuba on Shine 800 AM

Tonight El Faro de Redención, a ministry of HAVEN Today, will air a special program to offer love and support to our listeners in Cuba. 

El Faro de Redencion has aired on Shine 800 reaching all of Cuba since February 5th, 2018. Every program opens with the words “Shining the light of Christ from all of Scripture for all of Cuba.” 

A deadly plane crash that occurred on Fridy has brought deep mourning to many Cubans.  Among the 110 people who died, 10 were pastors and their spouses who were on their way home to Eastern Cuba from a marriage retreat in Havana.  

The program will start at 9.30 pm on Shine 800 AM / online on the Bonaire 800 app at 9.30 EDT.

Dan Warne,  speaker, and director of El Faro de Redención (Spanish version Haven Today) explains. ‘Haven today wants to speak the gospel into relevant topics and especially tragedy. The tragic loss of life in Cuba this weekend deserves a special program. This replacement program gives space to a diverse body of Cuban believers sharing their story of sorrow and hope: men and women, pastors and church members, rural workers in Holguin and Havana artists, representing five denominations, all bringing their country prayers, tears, and words of gospel encouragement. 

We praise God for this open door over Shine 800 AM to share the hope of Christ in the midst of this tragedy in Cuba’.


  • For the Cuban families who have lost family or lost ones
  • pray for this evening’s broadcast, a unique moment in Cuban Christian radio, to have a deep and far-reaching impact for Jesus.
  • Pray for the churches that have lost a pastor