News Will you Pray for safety While we Paint the Towers?

April 26th, 2018

Will you Pray for safety While we Paint the Towers?

Every morning three riggers (Lionel, Luis, and Junny) are being pulled up by a winch into the 480 feet high radio towers of TWR Bonaire to paint the towers.

Salt and rust
TWR’s radio station is located in a strategic spot on Bonaire. The salt water on all sides provides a perfect place to transmit radio waves. However, the same salt water, in addition to hot winds and harsh climate, enhance rusting and damage to the towers. For this reason, the TWR-Bonaire maintenance team cleans, chips, scrapes, and paints two towers every year. Each tower has 7 bands of color that alternate between red and white. It takes 7-8 days to complete the work on one band.

Safety is a priority
The tower has three side and the three men each work on one side of the tower. This enables them to work face to face and is a safer way of doing things. You can tell where the wind is flowing by which worker has the more paint splatters on him.  In addition to the men on the tower, there are two men on the ground (Kevin and Benny), who have radio contact with the men above them. As soon as they get a message on the radio they go the winch and haul up the fresh paint or whatever is needed. The tower painters, stay up in the towers for 5-6 hours in a row each day. Through the whole process, the safety of the workers is always a top priority.

Winch for regular tower maintenance
The winch we use was constructed by Jim Hulse (‘Towers for Jesus’). We used it for the Power Up project to lift up tower workers to redirect the guy wire insulators in 2016. When the project was done TWR took over the winch to use for regular Tower Maintenance. We are grateful for this as it makes the work more safe and effective.

Points to pray for
Last week, it was windy and rainy. When conditions are like that, it makes the work more difficult, as the towers get slippery and the men are working high up on the towers with winds surrounding them. Will you please continue to pray for Lionel, Luis, Junny, Benny, and Kevin in the months to come?

Please pray that the wind will calm down and for strength and health for the workers. We ask especially for prayers for our new maintenance worker Luis.

Last but not least pray, that at night when the workers are gone, the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be broadcast across Latin America through these towers and may there be many listeners tuning in - maybe for the first time - changing lives and bringing hope!