News TWR and 4VEH Haiti become partners

February 27th, 2018

TWR and 4VEH Haiti become partners

Serving Together in Haiti

NASHVILLE (NRB) - Yesterday at the NRB Convention, Steve Shantz, TWR’s Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean  Storly Michel, station director Radio-TV 4VEH Haiti, and John McLaughlin, chairman of 4VEH advisory board signed a Partnership Agreement. The agreement establishes Radio 4VEH Haiti as a National Partner of TWR Global.

Share skills and resources
‘We welcome Radio-TV 4VEH as a national partner of TWR! Being a national partner means that from now on we can share our resources and skills with only one goal, to reach the world, in this case the Caribbean, for Christ’, says Shantz. ‘For example, TWR can offer 4VEH training; help with studio needs and technical assistance at their transmitter site. Radio 4VEH can help TWR reach new audiences in their mother language and offer us content that can be used in the TWR Global network. Actually, our partnership is now official, but we have been working together for a long time. In 2016, TWR sound experts came and helped remodel 4VEH’s main recording and on-air studios. They corrected problems with soundproofing and acoustics and installed new equipment.’

Listeners will benefit
Storly Michel, station director, says, ‘We feel excited and happy; we have been working with TWR for a while, and today we made it formal. Our listeners will benefit greatly from this partnership. We can call on TWR for expertise and work together with them to improve the signal for our listeners. With TWR, we have more programs coming our way and that is good news for our listeners!’. Kate Michel, Marketing and Communcation director adds, ‘The TWR Bible study and Women of Hope programs already have had a great impact on our listeners’. When we asked Storly how the TWR family would benefit from 4VEH as a partner he answers, ‘TWR now has a presence in Haiti. We, as Radio 4VEH have been doing radio for 68 years, so we have a lot of experience that we can share with other radio partners’.

Award NRB
TWR and 4VEH both have experience with broadcasting live during hurricanes like Matthew, Irma, and during earthquakes.  Both know from this experience that radio can be a lifeline where people find hope and strength to go on even when their world collapses. During the 2010 earthquake, 4VEH and TWR worked together with special programming from Bonaire. Station director Storly Michel is also a pastor and producer of the well-known Thru The Bible study series into Haitian Creole that is broadcast across Haiti.
In 2013, Radio-TV 4VEH was named NRB International Radio Ministry of the year. Station Manager Rev. Storly Michel, received the award on behalf of Radio 4VEH. This came as a great encouragement after years of many challenges for the ministry.

One million listeners across Haiti
Since 1950, 4VEH has been the Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, reaching up to one million listeners every day with the Good News of Jesus from its broadcasting center outside Cap-Haïtien. Radio 4VEH broadcasts in French, English, and Creole and uses four FM stations and one AM radio station. At the heart of Haiti’s evangelical community, Radio 4VEH teaches, encourages and inspires listeners with a wide variety of Christian broadcasts including Scripture reading, teaching, worship, prayer, family and community-focused programs, as well as news, health, agriculture and life skills.

More than 60 partners
TWR cooperates with more than 60 national media organizations in their respective countries. Some national partners were founded by TWR; others already existed independently before becoming a TWR national partner.

Do you want to know more about our new partner Radio-TV 4VEH? Check out their website 

Photo: Bob Fetherlin, President of One Mission Society, Kate Michel, Storly Michel, Steve Shantz and John McLaughlin, chairman of 4VEH Advisory