News More Then 40 Emails from Listeners in Cuba!

February 2nd, 2018

More Then 40 Emails from Listeners in Cuba!

Alberto Gonzales was one of the main speakers during the Transmitter Dedication Celebration that took place last Tuesday, January 30.  While he was on Bonaire, Gonzales went into the studio and broadcasted live into Cuba on Shine 800 AM.

‘I am looking forward to returning to the office, tomorrow’, Gonzales says, ''finally, I will be able to listen to my own sermons on the radio.' The previous weaker signal did not reach Havana, Alberto’s hometown, so he did not know which of his messages people were hearing.

Yesterday, the day Gonzales broadcasted live on Shine 800 AM Bonaire, he received in one-day more than 40 emails. 'And they were all from different towns!  Even from Havana.  It is marvelous. Even Cubans in Miami were listening! This is great. Normally we receive about 2.000 letters a year, but this year we expect more emails.'

Gonzales works in the office together with committed pastors who help him doing listener follow-up, producing programs, distributing Christian literature and visiting listeners.  Gonzales continues, ‘I love to communicate with listeners, so for me, more emails are no problem!’

Many Cubans live in bad economic conditions. Every evening from 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm, TWR Bonaire broadcasts Spanish programs into Cuba. The most popular programs are Through the Bible (a 5-year Bible study that goes through the whole Bible), Messages of Faith and Hope, and the Women of Hope program. 

‘The lives of many people in Cuba are hopeless. It helps when they hear messages of Hope’, Alberto says.  ‘Living on a salary of 20 dollars without God is hard. However, when you are a Christian and you have the same salary, your life is different, because now you know God and He never fails His people.  Even if you live in bad economic conditions, if you have God, your life will get better!’

People are hungry for the word of God.  With the new strong signal, TWR is able to reach many more people in Cuba with the gospel.  Right now, there is a huge spiritual harvest going on in Cuba.  There are not enough pastors to teach the new believers.  TWR fills the gap by providing sound biblical teaching through the medium of radio.  This year TWR Cuba is preparing some new programs.  One of them is a Worship and Praise program.  Because of the rapid growth of the church, church leaders are not well enough trained.  This new program will help pastors to understand the true meaning of worship in the church, so they can choose music from a biblical perspective.  

Photo: Doug Searle