News Food for Souls Full of Sadness and Pain

October 3rd, 2017

Food for Souls Full of Sadness and Pain

RTM Mexico distributes devotional among earthquake victims.

September in Mexico is known as El Mes de la Patria — the month of our country. It celebrates the beginning of the war of independence of Spain. September this year in Mexico will always be remembered as the month of the three earthquakes.

The terrible earthquakes of September 7, 19 and 23 killed 420 people. More than 150,000 homes were damaged, of which 55,000 are uninhabitable. Thousands of schools and churches are damaged and need to be rebuilt.

Word of God is fundamental for regaining hope and joy
Jose Castro Ordaz, our RTM partner in Mexico, wrote us and said, “Last week, together with befriended churches, we distributed 500 boxes with food. Inside each box, we put a copy of the devotional Alimento Pare el Alma (Food for the Soul). People need to eat, but they also need to feed their souls, which are full of sadness and pain these days.”

He continued, saying, “Slowly and gradually between the rubble, the sadness and the fear of new movements, the life of the people is returning to a certain normality. The rebuilding of the cities, towns, houses, schools, buildings, and churches affected will take place over months. However, the reconstruction of the lives of thousands of people, who lost family members, will take many years. Without a doubt, the Word of God, the message of the Gospel and the love of Christians will be fundamental to help them regain their spirit, the joy of living and the hope of a better life.

Pray for our partner in Mexico, pray for the church and the Mexican people. Pray that they will be able to bring food for the soul and food for the body in Mexico through radio waves and the distribution of food boxes.

About RTM Mexico
RTM Mexico broadcasts Christian programs on five radio stations and two online stations in Mexico. RTM has their office in the same building as the Bible society. 

This is what listeners of RTM Mexico wrote:
I am very grateful to you for having sent me the notes and outlines of the ATB program. I will begin to study them as soon as possible. I want you to know that I have been listening to the program for only a short time, but in the weeks I have been listening, it has been a real blessing to me. I ask God to continue with the radio program for the blessing of many people, who listen daily as I do.                                                                                      

Dear brothers in Christ, I appreciate the teachings of Thru the Bible. They are fabulous explanations. They bring understanding, and they help me to share and explain. God has given me the joy of having a Bible class for children. Their parents also go, and I take the opportunity to teach what I have learned from you. You are like the teacher’s helpers, and you are in our hearts. May God continue blessing you abundantly.