News Testing and tying together now

May 23rd, 2017

Testing and tying together now

Tie it all together
The next few weeks is another exciting and busy time for the TWR Bonaire team; all components we installed are tied together and the whole transmitter system will be tested!

We have installed some key components in the last few weeks:

  • Phasor, which determines the direction of the radio signal
  • Air conditioning
  • Dummy load, which consumes all electrical energy during testing without transmitting a radio signal
  • Generator that maintains the main components when a power failure occurs.

During the month of May, we are busy connecting cables and switches between the various components, thus linking the entire transmitter system. Of course, we can only really run the system when the new transmitter is there, but we have a small 5kW transmitter to test everything. The new 400kW transmitter was ordered in April and is expected on Bonaire in November.

Tuning by Tom King 
At the end of June, Tom King of Kintronics is coming. Kintronics is an imporant supplier and Tom will check the whole system and do the tuning. He ensures that we broadcast the desired radio signal through the northern pattern (Cuba), the omnidirectional pattern (Caribbean Islands) and the southern pattern (Venezuela, Colombia and North Brazil). Before he arrives we also need the place small antennas halfway on our towers, at about 75 meters height. With these antennas, we can measure the signals we transmit during the testing to see if everything works as expected.

Repair ground radials 
A large part of our antennas is actually on the ground. These are the so-called ground radials, thin wires that run over the ground from the base of the four antennas. They make the antenna more effective and lie 3 degrees apart, so no less than 120 threads per antenna. Some of these wires are damaged and need to be replaced. We expect to replace a few kilometers of wire. Fortunately, a youth group will help us in June. Furthermore, the usual maintenance work continues: In July we hope to paint one of the masts.

New Mural

Much of what we do is not visible to outsiders. Something that is very visible and what everyone on the island knows is the mural at the TWR studio building. This will be painted in July with a completely new design!

We are very grateful for the steady progress and we experience Gods protecting hands on Power Up Bonaire. For all the planned activities we appreciate your prayers for wisdom, unity, and safety. Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans. (Prov. 16:3)

Help Us Finish the Task
We are thankful that the Power Up project is almost coming to a completion. You also have an opportunity to contribute to the Power Up of TWR Bonaire. We still need $200,000 to complete the project and begin broadcasting at 450 kW.  Project completion will mean the entire nation of Cuba and a potential listening audience of 100 million across Latin America and the Caribbean will have access to the gospel programs of TWR. Will you help us finish the task with a generous gift today?