News Today We ordered the Transmitter!

April 21st, 2017

Today We ordered the Transmitter!

This afternoon the order for the 450,000-watt transmitter was placed and signed by TWR executive leaders Lauren Libby, Steve Shantz and Tim Klingbeil. This is a great milestone in our Power Up project. We are expecting the transmitter to arrive on Bonaire in about five months.

We are not there yet. We still need to raise $200,000. But TWR is taking a step of faith, and we trust the Lord that the last amount of money will come in within the next months.

Thank You
TWR President Lauren Libby said this afternoon, “On behalf of all of the hundred million people from Latin America I want to thank you all who are involved in this project. It has just been interesting to see how God has brought so many things and people together during this project. We are not done yet, there are still a lot of things to be done before we reach the finish line. But at least we are ready to order the transmitter.”

Amazing Team Effort
Ministry Vice President for Latin America/Caribbean Steve Shantz added, “It has really been an amazing team effort. God provided the funding and hundreds of volunteers worked with us on this. Amazing to think that by the end of this year we could be on the air with the powered-up signal. Through all this God shows his faithfulness to us. “

The transmitter has been ordered. We still need $200,000 to finish the Power Up project. Project completion will mean the entire nation of Cuba and a potential listening audience of 100 million across Latin America and the Caribbean will have access to the gospel programs of TWR. Will you help us finish the task with a generous gift today?

History of the Power Up Project on Bonaire
The Power Up Bonaire project is not just about replacing the current 100,000-watt transmitter with the new 450,000-watt transmitter. Basically, all broadcasting equipment is being replaced; only the four towers and the building will stay in place. Some highlights of the project so far:

2013  - Start of the project with the planning and engineering phase 
2014 – Building new antenna tuning houses at each of the four towers and prepare a room for the phasor
2015 -  Installation four new feedlines from the transmitter building to the towers
2016 – Installation  of insulators on each of the 48 guy wires holding the towers, install equipment in the antenna tuning houses, prepare the rooms for the transmitter and air conditioning
2017 -  Construction of  transformer building, installation of  the phasor, electrical equipment, air conditioning, and the dummy load

April 21, 2017 – Transmitter is ordered!