New Signal from Bonaire Reaches Guerrillas-region Colombia

Today I spoke with Juan Marcus Neira of TWR Colombia. Last year at the partner conference we were both anticipating the installation of the new 450 kW transmitter on Bonaire. It is still early to know how big the impact will be of the upgraded signal in Colombia, but Juan shared today that last week a pastor from Arauca state contacted him to tell that in his city he can hear the signal!

This pastor lives in a very violent area. An area that is being terrorized by both Farc and ELN guerrilla groups and drug gangs. The pastor, almost lost his son when a terrorist group threw a bomb in a store where his son was. The village where the pastor lives is called Arauquita. This village can only be visited with permission from the guerrilla groups. Without this permission, you risk being kidnapped or murdered.

Juan Marcus said that there used to be a 2.5 kW transmitter radio station in the area where this pastor lives. However, this station was overtaken by the guerrillas. The listeners asked TWR C ‘how can we listen to you?’. Online radio was not possible since the internet connections are very slow in the rural areas of Colombia. Thanks to the new transmitter listeners in this rural area of Columbia will be able to have access to the message of hope. To let people know how to tune in, RTM Colombia will distribute promotion cards to promote Shine 800 AM Bonaire. The pastor also plans on helping by promoting the signal among the congregations of the 10 churches he serves. Juan says this is so important, as in rural areas is often nothing for the people to listen to. We pray that we will reach the guerillas too! For God nothing is impossible.

This was it for today! There is so much more to tell about God's work in Bolivia, Chile, and Honduras but I need to catch up some sleep ;). 

 To be continued...

Mariette Oosterhoff
TWR Marketing Communication for Latin America & the Caribbean